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Which Is Better: TPO or PVC Roofing?

Although TPO and PVC roofing membranes have some overlapping characteristics, are they really interchangeable? While they may look the same, you’ll be surprised to find there are more differences than similarities between the two. TPO roofing and PVC roofing belong to single-ply roofs (roofs that are made of one layer or “ply”) and are both […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Roof Decking

Despite common misconceptions about roofing being simple, it involves various components and materials requiring knowledge. Given the roofs’ essential role in safeguarding your home, it is only natural to desire a comprehensive understanding of its components. The roof decking is a perfect example of an aspect that is sometimes disregarded despite its critical importance in […]


5 Warning Signs It’s High Time to Replace Your Windows

Your windows may be faulty and decreasing the quality of your life without you even knowing.  They play an important role in keeping your home energy-efficient, improving its curb appeal, allowing natural light to come in, and keeping you generally safe and comfortable. So, when they become worn out, dated, or get damaged, it is […]


What Is a Dormer Roof

Dormer roofs, which are often utilized to enlarge the living space and let in more natural light, are an example of an architectural feature that ably integrates form and utility without sacrificing either. Because they can be found in a wide variety of types and styles, incorporating them into a structure is an excellent method […]