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Revived Exteriors aren’t just your typical Arlington Heights roofing contractors. With over 30+ years of collective experience, our roofing experts have installed new siding for homes and businesses statewide. Among these is siding produced by the renowned James Hardie® branding. Made with incredibly high-quality and sturdy fiber cement material and available in a variety of colors, you’re 100% guaranteed a dependable product for your home or business.

Why Choose James Hardie® Siding with Revived Exteriors in IL?

James Hardie® is particularly well-known for its fiber cement siding. This siding material is what put James Hardie® on the map and made them the industry leader and household name they are today. 

All Hardie® products are backed by a transferable 30-year, non-prorated substrate limited warranty, and their unique ColorPlus® Technology finishes come with a 15-year limited warranty on all chipped, cracked, or peeled paint. The customer always comes first with not only Hardie® products but with Revived Exteriors as a whole, too. 


Hardie® siding products are one of the toughest on the market. They’re incredibly fire-resistant, especially when non-combustible properties of Hardie® fiber cement come into the mix, and they can take a beating from wet or arctic weather, too. Unlike a competitor’s simple vinyl siding—which can crack under the mildest of weather changes—Hardie® siding was produced with two extreme climates in mind: hot and humid vs. cold and wet. After years of research and trial and error, Hardie® introduced the following regulations for their products:

  • Products with HZ5® regulations resisted shrinking, swelling, and cracking in wet and freezing conditions. 
  • Products with HZ10® regulations help protect homes from peeling and bubbling in hot and humid conditions.

Check with your local Revived Exteriors representative to see which siding would best suit your property’s climate!

Aesthetic Appeal

Using ColorPlus® Technology, Revived Exteriors can work with almost all colors and finishes to your Hardie® siding to suit your aesthetics. Contact us for a catalog of all available colors and see what suits your tastes best!

Low Maintenance

Hardie® siding is made to last, and requires little to no maintenance from your end. They’re made to resist mildew and rot, leaving a dazzling, clean sheen on your home for years to come.

When Should I Replace My Siding?

While siding can last for up to a century—depending on the material used and how it’s been maintained over the years—it’s absolutely pertinent to check with your local Arlington Heights contractor if you notice the following signs of damage on your siding: 

  • Cracked, chipped, peeled, or rotted paneling
  • Sun damage, such as bubbles forming on the paint or the siding having a twisting, wavy texture 
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Faded paint that needs constant attention and retouching
  • A sudden increase in energy bills—this typically means the siding is compromised in a way that your home can no longer regulate its temperature

If you’ve noticed any of the above telltale signs, it’s time to spring into action and get in touch with Revived Exteriors and ask about James Hardie® siding!

Our James Hardie® Siding Services

If you’re ready to have your home transformed with James Hardie® siding, here’s what you can expect when giving our team a call to get the ball rolling.


All of our Revived Exteriors reps are outfitted with a James Hardie® catalog of available siding. Once you give us a call, they will be more than happy to go over the details of what design will fit your home or business, with an appropriate budget and financing options to match.

Professional Installation

Once you’ve settled on a design, our team will drive out at the appointed time and date for the installation. Much like our roofing projects, our Arlington Heights contractors will be meticulous and thorough in their installation, making sure that once everything’s set in place, your property remains spick and span. 

Maintenance and Repairs

While James Hardie® products are exceptionally durable and require little maintenance, our Revived Exteriors team would be remiss not to mention that, much like roofs, we also offer maintenance and repair services for your siding

Should you run into any damage to your James Hardie® siding after our team installed them, contact us ASAP for your next steps.

Revived Exteriors Is the Top-Rated Contractor for James Hardie® Products in Arlington Heights, IL

Backed by unbeatable warranties and workmanship, Revived Exteriors is the roofing and siding company to call in Arlington Heights, Chicago, and surrounding areas. Our expertise and know-how are unmatched, and our customers always come first. 

Be a part of hundreds of satisfied customers with gorgeous, sturdy roofing and siding in Illinois. Give us a ring today!

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