Which Siding Material to Choose for Your Home?

Replacing or installing a new siding is one of the best and most beneficial home improvement projects, as it can enhance your home in numerous ways.

It can increase your home’s curb appeal, improve your energy efficiency, give you better overall protection, as well as increase your property’s resale value.

But which siding material will be best for your specific needs and which is the ideal solution for your property? 

To help you with choosing the best one, here is an overview of some of the most popular siding material options, their main characteristics, and top benefits. Read on!

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has long been the most popular siding material in the U.S. and it is one of the most widely used sidings on residential homes. This doesn’t come as a surprise as vinyl is one of the most affordable, as well as the most durable materials.

It is made from PVC resin, which makes it a type of plastic, and some of the most significant characteristics of this material are that it is very tough and resistant. 

What homeowners also like about this siding is that it is very low-maintenance and that it comes in a variety of different styles and colors. This means that you can easily find the one that suits your current architectural style and your home’s color scheme perfectly.

Vinyl siding also tends to have very consistent and solid color and finishing, which means that it will not fade in the sun or over time. 

Wood Siding

Many consider wood to be one of the most beautiful siding materials for a home. It can significantly increase your curb appeal and add great style and beauty to your home. 

One of its greatest features is that it comes in a range of textures, styles, and finishes. When it comes to the type of wood, cedar and redwood are considered the most attractive and durable.

Its distinct beauty makes wood siding appealing and very popular among homeowners, but it does come at a higher price. It is among the costlier siding options, but the price varies according to the type, so it is possible to find a moderately priced option as well.

When it comes to maintenance, wood requires significantly more of it than vinyl. It is usually prone to rot and damage due to sun exposure, but with regular care and maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Wood siding will need an exterior finish, which can be either stain or paint finish. Stain finishes are usually a better choice as they require a little less maintenance than paint. 

Fiber Cement Siding

When it comes to materials for residential siding, fiber cement is one of the latest developments. 

Its appearance and texture are made to imitate wood, which sometimes makes it even indistinguishable from actual wood siding. Apart from that, it is also installed and cut like wood siding and it comes with some additional millwork and trim pieces that can complement the design and make it more appealing.

Fiber cement is a sustainable siding solution as it is made from recyclable materials and it is also low-maintenance. It does not rot, nor is it subject to insect damage. It can even be said that this siding option is completely maintenance-free. The warranties that some manufacturers offer can reach 50 years, which is a testament to its quality.   

Metal Siding

When it comes to metal siding, homeowners can choose between several types, with aluminum and steel being the most popular and wanted. 

Metal siding is a durable solution, as well as an aesthetically pleasing one, as it comes in a variety of styles. It can be installed in the form of vertical or horizontal panels and strips or in the form of shingles. 

Metal is an energy-efficient siding solution that is also known to imitate wood quite well while being more durable and easier to maintain than wood.

Apart from being low-maintenance, metal siding can come with additional special coatings that protect it further from weathering and fading, making your job as a homeowner easier. 

Which to Choose?

There are many options available to homeowners when it comes to siding materials for their homes. 

When choosing the ideal one, it is important to collectively consider all the features of each siding with regard to your budget, maintenance abilities, as well as the weather conditions in your area.   Your professional siding contractor from Arligton Heights will be able to help you with this decision as well as install the siding properly for you, as they are experienced and will know which material best suits your home.

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