A building's metal roof installed by a residential roofing contractor.

Any commercial establishment needs to look appealing from the outside to create a good first impression on business partners and potential customers. And in order for it to stay appealing, you as a business owner should recognize when it is time to replace a roof that has come to the end of its lifespan.

Working on a commercial roof is no small feat, and unlike residential roofs, it can be more challenging due to certain factors. That is why we’ve decided to share with you a few tips on how to best prepare for a commercial roof installation that you may need in the future.


1. Establish a Solid Plan of Action

A successful commercial roof installation cannot begin without a concrete plan of action. This includes determining a general timetable of the project with your roofer and the specifics of the installation, such as the roofing material.

If you start with this, you will avoid the project going in the wrong direction or taking up more of the budget that you had initially intended.


2. Set a Project Budget You Can Afford

Another vital aspect is establishing a reasonable budget and managing to stay on (or under) it. 

Your commercial roof installation cost will greatly depend on the size of your commercial property and the availability of your Arlington Heights IL roofing contractor. In addition to that, you should always keep in mind that there will be some unplanned expenses due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in the project.

At Revived Exteriors, we will go through all of the options with you in detail, so that we can help you determine the ideal type of project and the best materials for your specific budget.


3. Find a Reputable Commercial Roofing Specialist

You should always hire a contractor with a lot of experience in commercial roofing, as these roofing projects are more complex than residential and demand specific expertise. 

Be certain to check their background and reviews so that you know exactly what to expect. Our team understands that a commercial roof installation is a big project and may cause some inevitable disruption to your daily operations, but we are always extra careful to protect your investment and keep the disruption to a minimum.


4. Set an Estimated Time Frame

It’s imperative to establish a realistic time frame that your contractor can stay true to. Commercial roof installation is not a project that can be completed overnight, which is why you need to be on the same page regarding the expected time of completion. It may take up to several days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the roof.


5. Keep Your Staff Updated on the Project

One other thing you should do is regularly update your staff on the project’s progress. They need to know how (and for how long) this will affect their work and which areas of the building they need to avoid. It is best to put warning signs in the area and keep an open line of communication with your employees from start to finish.


6. Ask Your Contractor about Maintenance and Warranty

Your Arlington Heights IL commercial roof installation contractor provides you with a great opportunity to inquire about warranty and maintenance deals. Don’t be afraid to openly ask your trusted roofers about the manufacturer’s warranty or workmanship warranty and feel free to take full advantage of it.


Call Revived Exteriors for the Best Commercial Roofing Services

By hiring Revived Exteriors, you are relying on the best Arlington Heights IL commercial roofing specialists who will provide your property with the best, most durable roofs. Our experience and skill set have helped us successfully complete numerous commercial roofing projects, making us your #1 choice for a job well done.

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