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Lombard doesn’t get too hot over the summer, but rain is common. And water is the arch-nemesis of roofs. But like wet summers don’t test your home enough, winters in Lombard are freezing and windy. The wind is as dangerous as water. But it’s the worst when they team up.

That causes roof damage. How big that damage is depends on various factors. Yet, we won’t look at the causes. We’ll look at the solutions. After your roof suffers any damage, you have a decision to make. To repair or replace?

This article will give you a cheat code for answering that question.

When It’s Better to Replace a Roof Than Repair It?

The main reason to repair roofs instead of replacing them is always money. Everybody would love to have a brand new roof all the time because that lowers bills and increases house value. But sometimes people try to save money, so they go with another repair.

That’s understandable, but there are situations when repairing an old roof doesn’t pay off. We’ll mention 4 of them.

Shingles Are Older Than 12 Years

The average lifespan of asphalt shingles is 12 years. And that’s valid for shingles that aren’t neglected. Roofs that aren’t inspected regularly wear off sooner. Old shingles without proper coating are weak against sun damage. Even though Lombard isn’t extremely hot, the heat and UV radiation are still dangerous.

So if you can’t remember the last time you replaced your roof, don’t just repair it. Replace it.

Even if it’s just a couple of cracked shingles at the moment, you may be one gust away from a disaster.

More Than 33,33% of Your Roof is Damaged

Do you know the domino effect in roofing? That’s when a roof loses a couple of shingles, and homeowners do nothing. A bit stronger wind blows. Suddenly, their roofs miss a bunch of shingles.

The roof is like a living being. The damage spreads if you don’t deal with it on time.

But sometimes, it’s better to put it out of its misery than to prolong its life. It’s better for everybody. And you’ll know you have to say the last goodbye to your roof if more than 33,33% is damaged.

In other words, if a third of your roof needs repairs, it’s better to do a roof replacement.

Overall Condition Is Far From Perfect

Maybe your roof doesn’t have massive problems, but you can notice many tiny issues. Then it’s best to call contractors to do an inspection. If they think your roof has seen its best days, they’ll let you know.

If not, they’ll suggest how to repair those issues to keep your roof in perfect condition for as long as possible.

You Plan to Grow Old in That House

It’s one thing if you’re flipping houses… You don’t have to invest in the new roof if it’s in good enough condition.

But if you’re ashamed to look at the roof of your home… It’s advisable to arrange a roof replacement. Maybe that won’t make your house 10 times more valuable, but it will make your home a better place to live. Lower energy bills and staying calm during storms are just 2 of the benefits.

How to Be Sure if It’s Better to Replace Your Roof?

However, sometimes replacing a roof isn’t the best option. Even if it looks like a no-brainer to you. That’s why we recommend people to call us before making big decisions. We’ve seen decent roofs get replaced and terrible roofs repaired. To ensure you do the best thing for your home, call an experienced Lombard roofing contractor.

Watch Out for These 5 Most Common Summer Roofing Issues

In Evanston, summers aren’t extreme, but temperatures still make us sweat – and test our roofs. We don’t have to describe to you how humid summers here get. Plus, July and August are the months with the most rain. 

Any of those climate conditions are a threat to your roof. And when they come in a package, you can expect some of the common summer roofing issues we’ll describe below. 

But don’t stress. It’s still not too late to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. Read on and learn what to expect so that you can stay prepared.

Sun (Heat and UV) Damages Shingles

Sun-related problems cause a lot of pain to homeowners around the country. Luckily, temperatures and UV levels in Evanston, IL, aren’t extreme. However, that doesn’t mean your roof will avoid sun damage if you don’t take care of it. It may be wise to add a new layer of coating (if you haven’t done that in the last five years).

The more sun your shingles take, the faster they degranulate, bend, and crack. Once they start cracking, shingles start falling out. And a couple of them can cause an avalanche. So it’s good to check your roof for missing shingles every two months. Or after every storm.

Humidity Can Evolve Into Leaks

We live in a very humid area, and summers are especially dangerous considering the percentage of water in the air. High temperatures outside and lower inside (because of the AC) turn your roof into a tampon zone.

When the hot, humid air touches a cool roof, condensation occurs. That means your roof gets full of water even if it’s not raining. And the temperature difference doesn’t have to be massive for that to happen. It’s impossible to eliminate condensation, but it’s possible to prevent leaks that water may cause. Inspect your valleys and flashings for small cracks. Water loves those.

Wet Summers in Evanston Bring Rust

Everyone knows that rain and humidity make metal parts of the roof rust. When flashings and nails endure water for months, they lose the battle if they aren’t in perfect condition.

A pair of rusty dots on a flashing may not seem like a big deal. Yet once rust starts biting, it develops quickly. The worst thing is that microcracks may already be there, and you can’t see them. As mentioned, water loves cracks, and your roof hates water. If water reaches your decking, expect leaks (and expenses).

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Basement Flooding

Many homeowners hate cleaning gutters, so they don’t do it regularly. That’s a huge mistake, even in dry areas. In Evanston, IL, that’s one of the biggest roofing mistakes people make. Clogged gutters could turn your house into a waterfall.

All that water can make your walls crack. It can ruin foundations (and everyone knows how expensive that can be). And in case of severe rain, water can cause basement flooding.

Roof Ventilation Problems May Drain Your Money

We’ve already mentioned the problems condensation can cause during summer. We said it’s impossible to prevent it. But that doesn’t mean you should just let it go. Roof ventilation is your ally in that situation.

It reduces the temperature difference between the attic and the air outside. But it also lets you save some money on air conditioning because it cools your home. The same as damaged ventilation makes your bills higher.

Here to Keep You Calm No Matter What Happens

Brace yourself… Summer is already here. And in our area, that means high temperatures, humidity, and rain. Those three riders of the apocalypse could make your life difficult if your roof isn’t in perfect condition. To ensure you can stay calm no matter what starts falling from the sky – call your best, reliable local Evanston roofers to check your roof!

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