Your windows may be faulty and decreasing the quality of your life without you even knowing. 

They play an important role in keeping your home energy-efficient, improving its curb appeal, allowing natural light to come in, and keeping you generally safe and comfortable.

So, when they become worn out, dated, or get damaged, it is important to replace them before they further compromise your home’s quality of life.

But how do you know what to watch out for? Could your windows already be past their lifespan without you even knowing? 

Here are some of the most common warning signs your windows need to be replaced!


Your Windows Have Stopped Operating Smoothly

In other words, getting your windows to open and close has become a real chore! Most windows that have exceeded their lifespan tend to get jammed and prove difficult to maneuver, which can get really frustrating.

Rust and rot are also huge factors that indicate your windows are in dire need or replacement. Remember, opening and closing your windows should never be a source of exercise. It should run smoothly and seamlessly at all times. 


You Feel a Cold Draft Whenever You’re Near Them

If this is the case, it means that your window seals have started to wear off. And the worst thing about this is that it also affects your energy bills. The older and draftier your windows are, the more energy you will waste to cool or heat your home.

Here’s how you can be sure if your windows are, in fact, too drafty. Get a candle and hold it close to your window edges. If the flame flickers, there is a chance that you have an air leak around your windows. Bad insulation and hardware issues can also be the cause of the drafts.


Your Windows Are No Longer as Soundproof 

To put it simply, you’ve said goodbye to your peace and quiet. You hear every single car coming from far out down the street, dogs barking from a great distance, and all the neighborhood noise quite distinctly.

Old, rusty windows tend to draw all the outside noise straight into your home. But if you call your top Arlington Heights window contractors today, we will make sure to stop this from happening! Our windows reduce sound transfer, which means your living space will finally be quiet and relaxing.


Excessive Moisture That Results in Window Condensation

Have you noticed something that resembles “sweat” on your windows, particularly during the colder days? This occurrence is called condensation. It often indicates that your existing gas fill in the windows, as well as the glazing, is starting to wear off.

As a direct result of faulty window seals, moisture easily gets between the glass panes, which, in turn, causes condensation. To put an end to this problem, contact Revived Exteriors, and we will happily acquaint you with all of our window replacement solutions in Arlington Heights IL.


Your Windows Look Worn

At some point, your windows are bound to start showing signs of decay. Constant exposure to unpredictable weather elements can cause significant wear and tear, which will affect their look and overall effectiveness. 

On top of that, worn-out windows can also cause leakage, which is your final sign that it’s high time to invest in new, quality windows. 

Check if your window frame has rotted through and if there are tiny parts that have started to fall off. Not only is this bad for your home, but it can also cause injury to the members of your family. 


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At Revived Exteriors, we use superior materials and a detailed approach that ensures beautiful, high-quality, and perfectly safe new windows for your home.

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