Roof Vents: Installing Roof Ridge Vents and Under Eave Soffit Vent

Roof Vents: Proper Ventilation is extremely important and can be accomplished by picking proper roof vents.

Robert from Revived Exteriors explains the importance of an adequate amount of intake and exhaust vents. A good residential roofing system Arlington Heights IL must include a proper amount of intake ventilation as well as exhaust vents.

On this job Revived Exteriors installed a ridge vent at the peak of the roof to help the roof breath out. The eave of the roof is equally important in letting the air pass through. This eave’s roof vents consisted of holes cut into the wood soffit. Later a hidden ventilation finish metal is installed to make it look beautiful and to ensure the roof can breath in.

You may ask, How much roof ventilation do I need? You would want at least 1 square foot of Net Free Area for every 150 Square Feet of your attics floor space. This proper way to calculate this is to calculate the Length x Width of the attic floor and then divide by 150. This will give you the total square feet of ventilation space needed.

Each of your Roof Vents manufacturers will supply you with a Net Free Area in square inches for each of their products.

Roof Vents include: Ridge roof vents, turbine roof vents, metal roof ridge vents, attic ventilation fans, attic gable vents, continuous eave vents, gable vents, soffit vents, among other roof ventilation options.

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