16 Questions to Ask Your Roofer Before a Roof Replacement in Long Grove, IL

shingles ready to be installed on a roof in Arlington Heights, IL

Picking a contractor for your roof replacement can cause headaches if it’s your first time (or you’ve had trouble with roofers in the past). But you can’t postpone that forever.

The longer you wait, the more damaged your home gets. So instead of procrastinating, start asking questions. The right questions. And we’ll give you 16 questions to ask your potential contractor. If they pass, you’re in good hands.

Why Don’t You Just Repair It?

Sometimes it may seem like roof replacement is unnecessary. Sometimes that’s actually the case. So if your potential roofer tells you to prepare for roof replacement, ask them why they can’t just repair damaged areas.

Their answer will show you if they’re trying to sell you something you don’t really need. Once you’re sure you’re negotiating with an honest company… keep asking more questions.

Are You Licensed in Long Grove, IL?

Yes is the only answer you can accept in this case.

Not in 3 months, soon, we were, or anything similar.

Do You Have Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance

People want to feel safe, and safety comes from insurance. If the roofing company isn’t insured, clients (you) pay for expenses caused by accidents. One of their crew members falls from the roof? It’s your fault if they don’t have a workman’s compensation.

Some equipment falls from the roof and damages your property? You’re paying for it if the roofer doesn’t have general liability insurance.

Can I Please See Your Insurance Certificate?

It’s nice to build relationships based on trust. But when that trust can cost you a lot, build relationships based on proof. If your contractor can’t show their insurance certificate – find the one who can.

Do You Have A Warranty?

In saturated markets, warranties are what earn that last drop of trust contractors needs from their clients. You want to pick a company that won’t leave you helpless if something happens.

How Do You Create Your Price and What Might Cause Additional Expenses?

You want to get a clear answer. It’s a red flag if roofers don’t know how prices are created. And it’s even worse if they can’t tell you what might cause deviation from the agreed price (because that means anything might cause unexpected expenses).

Can I Have a Written Copy of the Estimate?

This is the best way to protect yourself from deviations in the price.

Is Your Contract Easy to Understand?

If you need 3 lawyers to decode a roof replacement contract, they’re maybe trying to hide something. Ask them to explain parts of the contract you don’t understand.

Do You Have Photos Of Previous Roof Replacements?

Humans are visual beings, and we love before and after photos. Ask for some. If it’s clear they’ve done well many times before, you can be calm. But to be extra safe, ask the next question.

Can I Call Any Of Your Previous Clients?

If they show you 30 photos and can’t share contacts, you probably want to think twice before signing the contract.

Will Your Crew Do The Work?

Some companies just sell roof replacements and outsource projects to other roofers. Or they take too many clients, so they have to let someone else do it.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean your new roof won’t be good. But it’s better to know the company you’re talking to will do the work.

Will You Check the Inside of My House During Roof Inspection?

You want them to climb to your attic and inspect it in detail. You also want to see them checking your walls for early leak signs.

Will You Leave Me All The Garbage?

Some roofers make you take care of everything.

Some bring a dumpster and put garbage in it, but you organize the transport.

And some take care of everything.

Who Answers My Calls?

You want to know who your project manager is, and you want to know they’ll be at your disposal when you need them.

Why Don’t You Just Add Another Layer of Shingles?

This is the trick question to see if you’re dealing with real pros. Even though adding another layer of shingles could be done in theory, you won’t see any experienced roofer do that.

It adds weight to the house and makes basic roof repairs difficult. You want a roofer to tell you why the second layer isn’t a good idea.

When Can You Start?

When you’re sure you can trust your contract, ask the last question before the roof replacement.

“Sounds cool. When can you start?”

And if you need a Long Grove, IL, roofing company for your roof replacement but don’t want to be stressed during the process – we’re here.

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