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Advantages of Membrane Coating Systems

A roofing contractor is working on a roof with rolls of tarps.

The weather in Arlington Heights, IL, is unusual. Winters are cold, the same as in most of Illinois. But summers, especially July, are hotter than the state’s average. That means roofs in the area must be able to withstand both extremes, which isn’t always easy.

So we’ll share some advantages of coating systems with you today. Membrane coating is widely used on flat commercial roofs; after reading this, you’ll understand what makes that technique so popular.

Membrane Coating Systems Waterproof Roofs

The vital question about every roof is if it’s waterproof. That’s what everyone expects. But commercial building owners must pay additional attention to sealing their roofs.

Membrane coating systems are perfect for that. The membrane is added on top without any joints, nails, or anything that could act like a Trojan horse and let water penetrate the roof. In other words, the coating membrane gives a seamless finish, so leaks are less likely to occur.

Longer Roof Lifespan

Three things usually destroy roofs: water, heat, and lack of maintenance. We see many that suffer from the combination of all 3. People notice problems when the rain starts falling on their heads. And those roofs usually have something in common. Those are just metal roofs without any coating.

So we recommend adding a coating on top of flat roofs because, from our experience, it prolongs the roof’s lifespan by at least 10 years. That means 10 more years without replacing the whole roof or any major repairs (unless the weather surprises you).

Quick and Silent Installation

We do a lot of residential roof replacements. Usually, homeowners leave the house while the crew is doing their magic. We understand that; that’s not a quiet project.

But adding a membrane coating to the roof is silent, and installation doesn’t take long if the crew is experienced. Another benefit is that you don’t need to wait for perfect weather to do that either. Membranes have weather resistance even during the installation, so light rain doesn’t stop the project.

Coating Breathes Together With The Building

Heat makes buildings and roofs expand. The cold makes them shrink. Something like breathing. But that causes issues on regular roofs because nails, flashings, etc., don’t expand/contract the same as the rest of the building.

As you probably guessed, that creates openings for water, which leads to leaks. But membrane coatings are seamless and copy the movement of the building. In the end, that helps to keep them waterproof for a long time. On top of that, membranes provide high UV protection.

Which Roofing Contractor in Arlington Heights, IL, Does Great Membrane Coating?

Membrane coating systems add valuable properties to flat commercial roofs. High water resistance, strong UV protection, simple installation, and longevity of the whole roof… Who wouldn’t want that for their building?

Yet it happened more than once that clients called us right after roof replacement to repair stuff other contractors messed up. So if you’re looking for the best roofing contractors Arlington Heights, IL, has to offer, your search is over.

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