How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter: 5 Essential Tips for Homeowners

A man is engaged in residential roofing, either in roof replacement or roof installation, as he works on the roof of a house.

Every season brings its pros and cons to homeowners. Winter is beautiful because it lets you indulge in the warmth of your home with your family. But unless your roof is in perfect shape, your home budget will feel the consequences even if you don’t.

And if you know that every gust or raindrop can ruin your winter because you can’t remember the last time you checked your roof, you can’t expect to have a relaxing winter.

To avoid that scenario, read (and use) 7 winter roofing tips for homeowners.

Flashings Before Anything Else

Nothing ruins Christmas more than a leaking roof, especially if the leak is there for a while and reaches its final form just before you start unwrapping your presents. By final form, we mean you’ll notice water dripping in your living area.

To prevent that, take care of your roof. Inspect it regularly and pay close attention to flashings. Most leaks happen because of them. Water can find a way to your underlayment if your flashings are too old or damaged. Then it’s only a matter of time before your decking starts rotting.

And even though there are many DIY flashing replacement tutorials, we advise you to leave flashing installation to your contractor. It’s easy to make tiny mistakes, so the flashing seems waterproof but doesn’t serve its purpose.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are there to save your home and property from turning into a swamp every time it rains. Water will start pouring down your wall into the basement if your gutters get clogged. We don’t have to tell you how much damage that can cause.

So it’s a no-brainer to clean your gutter before winter. There are numerous DIY gutter cleaning techniques (and we’re sure you already have your favorite). However, we don’t recommend walking on the roof.

And if you decide to clean your gutters while standing on the ladder, don’t do it alone. Use that to spend some quality time with someone from your family. Cleaning gutters might not become anyone’s favorite memory, but visiting you at the hospital would leave some scars, so remember – better safe than sorry.

Take Care Of Your Plants

We’ve seen numerous roofs destroyed by plants, so we advise homeowners to trim their trees strategically. Smaller plants aren’t that dangerous, but a big tree with heavy branches can give you a skylight you never asked for.

Dead branches are especially tricky because lighter winds can tear them apart and drop them on your roof. But sometimes, the whole trees are pulled out of the ground, so you must be clever while trimming them.

Trees use their branches to keep balance, so removing a big branch might shift the tree’s center of gravity. We know that sounds tricky, so if you don’t have experience with plants, don’t be too proud to seek help from someone who does. Because if your tree decides to check your attic, you’ll need a roof replacement. And that reminded me of something you must do if you want to have a pleasant winter.

Check Your Attic and Roof Vent

Attic and roof vents play a role in determining the amount you see on your energy bills. During winter, the insulation is supposed to keep the hot air in, and the vent should let the attic breathe.

If the vent isn’t working (it can’t balance the outside temperature with the temperature of your attic), your attic will become moist. And who loves humid environments? Mold! And mold spreads quickly, so if you haven’t checked your attic in months and there are small black spots on your walls or ceiling, you have an uninvited guest in your home.

Book A Professional Roof Inspection

But the golden rule of roofing is always the same – better safe than sorry. That’s why roof inspections are vital for the overall condition of your property. We tell all our clients to do at least one DIY roof inspection a year.

However, to be extra safe, it’s always best to let the pros do their magic. At least one professional inspection every year is a must. And if you want someone experienced to check your roof, get in touch with the roofing contractor in Aurora, IL, who offers free consultations.

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