Hail in Arlington Heights, IL


Storms have shaped the Chicagoland area, and continue to fill the forecast with strong winds and hail. Have you checked your home for hail damaged roof, or other components on the exterior of your home and do you know the signs to look out for? Hail damage can leave your house vulnerable to serious issues. Without a prompt response and hail damage repair services in Arlington Heights IL, hail will severely reduce the value of your property and possibly lower the quality of daily living.


Ignoring hail damaged roof signs may be  a bad idea for two reasons:

  • Damage Worsens – Roof and siding damage caused by hailstones get worse over time, as deterioration sets in and important features of your home become less and less reliable.
  • Opportunities Expire – Insurance companies place limitations on hail damage claims, meaning that you need to inspect for hail damage roof claims and contact the insurance agent right away in order to file a valid claim.

Homeowners can protect their property and get the most from their insurance coverage by acting quickly after a storm. The longer you wait to tackle hail damage to your roof or siding, the greater risk of loss.

Repairing the hail damage becomes necessary should you desire to sell your property. A battered appearance will shrink the value of your home, and the need for immediate repairs drives buyers away. Living in a home with hail damage is also dangerous, as shingle damage and siding damage can escalate into something worse and end up costing homeowners a fortune in repair bills.


With the right tools and a close up view, the average homeowner can identify hail damage locations. But the untrained eye cannot accurately assess an entire house, and the services of an expert are required to get repairs done properly.

Hire a contractor to inspect your roof and siding, as well as trim, chimney and other areas of your home that may have been damaged by hailstones.

Contact your insurance agency right away, and have the information provided by your contractor close at hand. You may also need to provide proof of insurance and/or licenses for the contractor, so be sure to ask for those at the inspection.

Hiring the right contractor will ensure your hail damage is repaired properly, on time and on budget. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Established company – not a start up, inexperienced and risky.  This can easily be checked with your local Better Business Burea
  • Local company – not an out-of-state firm that chases storms to cash in on repair needs. An easy telltale sign is out of state license plates.
  • Solid and straightforward warranty – steer clear of contractors that will not provide proof of warranty. Look for manufacturers who are willing to back the contractor’s workmanship warranty.  This is reserved for only the top 2-3% reputable and qualified contractors in the market.
  • High rating with local Better Business Bureau, Google, Facebook, Yelp, Guild Quality and other sites or industry associations – with a reputation for customer service

Hail damage reduces the quality of your roof and siding and could result in a 25 percent drop in property value. Check for damage right after a storm and call a local, established contractor for an inspection. Act fast to protect your property and get your claim filed within the insurance company’s limitations. Call Revived Exteriors today to book an inspection.

Revived Exteriors is your local roofing company in serving our neighbors in Arlington Heights, IL, and Chicagoland suburbs.   We work hard to educate homeowners on everything they need to know how to identify and repair hail damage or wind damage to their homes.

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