Can vinyl siding make my home more energy efficient

Efficiency is a top priority these days, with utility bills climbing and environmental concerns mounting. Homeowners wonder whether vinyl siding Arlington Heights IL presents a good option, high on energy efficiency and low on maintenance. Take a good look at the characteristics of this building material to uncover the answer.


Vinyl siding is manufactured in two layers—capstock and substrate. Titanium dioxide is used in the capstock to protect against fading and wear from UV rays, while the substrate includes limestone for durability and strength.

This dual layer construction helps to block the passage of heat from both sides. Manufactured in lighter tones and colors, vinyl siding deflects the sun’s heat in summer and blocks cold winds in winter. When partnered with insulation and interior finishing (drywall), this product keeps your living space comfortable in all seasons.

Using insulated vinyl siding may drastically improve the energy efficiency of an older home, while installing standard vinyl siding onto a new build helps to maintain peak levels of efficiency.

Vinyl siding is also significantly cheaper than other exterior finishing materials, such as fiber cement siding and brick. Although brick and heavier siding materials may provide a thicker heat barrier, modern designs have resulted in strong and durable vinyl siding that helps to protect your home in any weather.


Extremely resistant to all types of weather, vinyl siding works to maintain the proper level of dryness inside your home. Hard rain, snow and hail cannot penetrate the siding barrier, which protects your insulation, framing and all other interior building materials from harmful conditions like mold, mildew and rot.

Replacing or adding to old insulation without taking care of the outer siding layer will do little for energy efficiency. Keeping moisture away from the insulating layer makes this system work. Consider replacing aged wood siding or crumbling brick with modern vinyl siding products, designed to keep your home dry.


Vinyl siding is also virtually maintenance free. Simply give the siding a thorough wash down with your garden hose and it will appear good as new. This low maintenance design reduces the use of potentially harmful chemicals like stain or paint.

This building material performs consistently without worry. Even after years of use, vinyl and insulated vinyl siding maintain the same level of protection.


Vinyl siding can be expected to last for at least 20 years, with thicker varieties guaranteed for much longer. The lifetime of vinyl allows for less waste due to replacement.

Vinyl siding repairs can be completed with minimal waste, as the panel design allows for the replacement of smaller pieces and components. If storm damage has made dents, cracks and splitting in your vinyl siding, an expert siding installer can quickly and efficiently replace those broken sections, getting your home back to normal in no time.

Are you worried about rising heating and cooling bills or deciding which type of exterior finish to use on your new home? Vinyl siding is designed to keep your home warm and dry, and offers a low maintenance, long-term solution for any climate. Combined with quality insulation and expertly installed, vinyl siding can improve energy efficiency and help to create a more comfortable, attractive home.

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