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Good quality siding lasts for years with very little maintenance. If your existing siding is damaged or worn, upgrades can improve the appearance of your home and help you save money. This home improvement project increases the value of your property, reduces heating and cooling costs and protects your home’s interior from pests. Find out why upgrading your siding is a wise decision, just ask your #1 siding contractor from Arlington Heights IL.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance With A New Siding Upgrade

Older homes may be finished with inexpensive wood siding. Without constant maintenance, often in the form of sealing or staining, lower quality wood siding will rot and create gaps in your home’s exterior shell.  Upgrading to vinyl siding or a better quality wood siding product gives your home a facelift, refreshing the appearance from the roofline to the foundation

Aging aluminum siding has a tendency to bleed, with color or paint spreading onto the area below. Many suburban homes finished in a brick veneer/aluminum siding combination present an unsightly face after two or three decades, with stained bricks and faded siding. Vinyl siding is an attractive choice for replacement, but homeowners may have their work cut out removing the brick stain

Siding upgrades can be done during the construction of a home addition, in conjunction with window or roof replacement projects or simply on their own. Modernize your home by installing fiber cement board siding or give your house a classic look with prefinished engineered wood siding. New products can completely rejuvenate the appearance of your home, creating instant curb appeal

An attractive home also increases in value. This may only be an issue if you’re planning to sell, but increasing values also mean greater equity. Consider both the aesthetic and financial improvements that new siding can deliver to your property.

Save on Energy Costs With New Siding Upgrade

Siding upgrades also generate continuous savings by reducing your monthly heating and cooling bills. If your existing exterior finish hides a poorly insulated home, siding replacement projects provide the ideal opportunity to remedy that situation.

Some siding options are manufactured to include insulation. Others can be installed directly over polystyrene insulation, with a membrane or air barrier between them to help create the building envelope. This sandwich effect blocks the passage of air and reduces heat loss dramatically. Your home will remain warmer in the winter as heat is blocked from escaping. The summer humidity will also be blocked from seeping into your home, keeping interior temperatures at a more comfortable level all year round without taxing your furnace and air conditioner.

Your home still needs to breathe, and even newly installed siding will leave room for proper airflow. This design is carefully thought out, and gaps are minimized to prevent pests from entering your home. Aged, damaged and worn siding leaves far too many openings, forcing your heating and cooling appliances to work overtime.

Overgrown vines and plants can damage older vinyl siding, while exposure, storms and sunlight take a toll on aging wood siding. Upgrade to more modern designs that use the latest technology and manufacturing methods to create a durable product designed to save you money on energy costs.

Put more money in your pocket by putting new siding on your home. Talk to us, Revived Exteriors about the products and styles currently available, and look forward to a nicer looking, more affordable home.

Have you installed new siding on your home?  When researching home improvement project, what was most important to you? Leave a message at the bottom of this article.

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