Roofing Contractor Explains: What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

Roofing Contractor Explains What Happens During a Roof Inspection

We understand that anytime there’s a problem with your roof, it’s likely a huge headache for you as a homeowner. But the truth is, you can’t really know how bad it is until you call a roofing contractor to come out and inspect your roof. 

A roof inspection is the first step in getting your roof in tip-top condition and making sure it stays that way for the foreseeable future. But to ensure that it’s done properly, it’s crucial to turn to professionals whose expertise and experience will allow them to conduct a thorough roof check, and if needed, make necessary recommendations regarding repairs.

At Revived Exteriors, we are extremely proud of our detail-oriented approach, as we leave no shingle or nail unturned. You can rest assured that our roofers will be able to find all existing faults in your roof layout before they turn into costly structural problems.

Given that your roof is such a massive investment and that you probably want to be more informed about what exactly goes into a roof inspection, we’ve decided to share a little step-by-step guide. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable next time you have contractors up on your roof.

Follow along to learn what a proper roof inspection should entail and expect nothing less from your roofers.

A room with a damaged ceiling due to water infiltration.

Checking for Visible Roof Leaks

This might come as a surprise to some of our homeowners, but a roof inspection usually starts inside your home! This is especially true if you’re dealing with leaks, which is often the case following a particularly severe storm.

So, the first thing your roofer will do is check for any water stains on your ceilings and walls, which would be a sure-fire sign that you do, in fact, have leaks somewhere inside your home.

At this point, your roofing contractor will go up to the attic to take a closer look at the issue and better determine the extent of the damage.

A residential roofing chimney on a roof with a blue sky behind it.

Inspecting Ventilation and Insulation

Two of the most common culprits for the majority of all roofing issues are improper ventilation and inadequate attic insulation. 

These can result in cold or hot air being trapped in the attic, thus causing serious structural problems that will likely shorten your roof’s lifespan. And you know what that means: costly repairs, or worse off, a complete roof replacement! Not on our watch, though.

Experts at Revived Exteriors always make it a point to thoroughly inspect the ventilation and insulation for any signs of moisture or mold. We want to make sure that your attic can “breathe” properly, i.e., that the air can circulate the way it should.

A house with shingles on its roof, in need of roof replacement.

Checking the Condition of the Roof Decking

Once the interior check is complete and the issues are pinpointed and addressed, your roofers will now climb up the roof. 

Given our level of experience, our team will immediately be able to determine whether the decking is solid enough just by walking on the roof. Since this is the basis of your roof, we will proceed to perform a thorough inspection of the decking, as if it turns out that it’s not in ideal condition, your entire roof could be compromised.

We will, therefore, check whether the decking is solid, healthy, and stable, if there are any rotted or caved in parts, and whether the decking is sturdy enough so that shingles can be nailed on top of it. 

A close up view of a shingled roof installed by a roofing company.

Inspecting Roof Shingles and Other Parts of the Roofing System

In order for roof shingles to remain in top shape throughout their life cycle, first, they need to be properly installed. Fortunately, a roof inspection will show signs of improper installation, as well as any missing, cracked, or buckling shingles.

Your roofers will likely recommend a roof repair at the first sign of trouble, as even minor issues could lead to bigger ones if left unattended.

Furthermore, your roofer will also want to check the vents on your roof for signs of obstructions, as well as the condition of your chimney and flashing, which is crucial in leak prevention. At Revived, we always make sure that the flashing is sealed tightly and that there are no damaged, rusty, or loose parts.

And finally, it’s time to inspect the gutter system. As you probably know, gutters have one very important job: they divert water away from your home. We cannot stress enough how important well-functioning gutters are during a rainstorm. 

This is why we will never fail to check the condition of your gutters and downspouts and make sure that water can flow properly off your roof.

At the end of the roof inspection, you will be given a full written report on the state of your roof and any roofing issues that have been detected.

Need a Roof Inspection in Barrington, IL? 

With Revived Exteriors, you can be sure that your roof inspection will be done highly professionally, thoroughly, and by the book. No roofing issue will ever go unnoticed, so don’t hesitate to put your trust in your number one Barrington roofing contractor

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