The Dangers of Cutting Corners and Why Our Roofers Never Do It – Decking Edition

Experience and common sense teach us that cutting corners is never the answer. And with every new roofing job we take on, especially when it comes to botched roofing jobs that we’re called in to rectify, trying to save what can be saved, we are further convinced of that. 

So, let’s see why cutting corners is not a good idea, to say the least, when it comes to decking and piling on layers of shingles. 

Follow along, and you’ll understand what role your roof decking has in the overall health of your roof, why it’s crucial to inspect it before any work begins, and what happens when a roofer takes a stab at installing a third layer of shingles (HINT: nothing good).

Why Is Decking So Important?

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Decking, also known as sheathing, is basically the pillar of the roof’s stability. It is installed just under the roof, which means the entire roof structure is installed on top of it. It goes without saying that if decking crumbles, the entire roof may crumble as well. 

Decking is meant to support the entire roof, and for that to happen, it needs to be in top shape. But decking also has its limitations. The most important one to mention here is that it cannot support an indefinite number of shingles. You cannot keep building on top of it, adding weight, and expect it to successfully live out its expected life span. But more on that later on. First, let’s see why every roofing project needs to start with a thorough decking examination. 

Safety & Stability First – Importance of Decking Inspection

A wooden roof with a hole in it, in need of residential roofing repairs.

Before we start any type of roofing job, the first thing we do, and every professional roofing contractor should do, is check the stability and health of roof decking. This is crucial for both the homeowner’s safety and the safety of roofers who will work on it. Why? 

Well, first of all, we need to check the decking so that we know our roofing team can walk on top of the roof and do their jobs safely. And even more importantly for you, we check the decking to see whether we can actually install the shingles on it safely and correctly. 

Because in order to install new shingles on your roof, there has to be a solid surface that we can nail into. And sometimes, precisely due to our thorough inspections, we will discover that the decking or the plywood has holes in it, that it has completely decayed or rotted, it’s delaminated, or simply caved in due to the shingle load. 

But how is it possible for the decking to get so damaged under the shingles, you may wonder? Here’s how.

Third Layer of Shingles – A Big NO

A shingled roof installed by a roofing contractor.

As we already said, your decking is supposed to support the shingles and hold up to the weight of the roof without a problem. And it will – but NOT when there are MORE THAN TWO layers of shingles installed on top of it. 

A respectable roofing contractor knows that two layers of shingles is the maximum allowed number of layers. Anything beyond that will result in devastating consequences for your roof, your budget, and even your safety. Your roof may collapse completely or start developing underlying damages and leaks, issues that you will not even notice until it’s too late. 

The rule of thumb is that you can only have two layers of shingles installed on your roof. And even when you’re thinking about installing a second layer of shingles, you should have a reputable roofer inspect your roof thoroughly to see whether it is a good idea at all. 

And if a roofer ever offers to add a third layer of roof shingles, don’t hire them! Only hire reputable, licensed local roofing contractors who care about you, your home, and use the best industry practices. 

Experience the Revived Exteriors Difference

An aerial view of a roof replacement being installed on a residential or commercial building.

First and foremost, the Revived Exteriors roofing team does everything by the book – every time. We never cut corners because experience has shown us that doing things the faster way or skipping steps usually leads to much greater complications in the future. 

Installing a third layer of roof shingles is the quick and easy way for certain “storm-catching” and “door-knocking” roofers to take your hard-earned money and leave you with many issues down the line. At Revived, we do things right the first time, deal with the very root of the problem, and work thoroughly and effectively.

In addition to that, we also make sure to document everything for you and take note of all the pluses and minuses of your roof as we inspect it. For this, we use an advanced software that allows us to share the pictures as we take them, not only between our roofing team but also with you and our team at the office. This makes every roofing project we handle a great team effort, completely transparent and efficient. 

When we finish up with your roof, you will probably never have to deal with it or replace it in your lifetime, so get in touch with your reputable, local residential roofers at Revived Exteriors and get the greatest peace of mind. We’re here to help!

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