Replacing or upgrading the vinyl siding on your home affects resale value in a major way, depending on the current state of your property. Worn, aged or broken siding detracts from curb appeal, significantly decreasing the perceived and actual value of the house. New vinyl siding Arlington Heights IL, on the other hand, has several advantages to both the current and potential owners.


Heat loss and critter damage are vital issues on homes with damaged siding.

A properly finished home provides insulation to create a more comfortable living space without taxing the heating and cooling equipment. When your existing siding cracks or splits, air and moisture have a direct path into the framing, often resulting in drafts and rapid deterioration of the building materials within the walls.

Cracking in the siding panels also provides a place for small critters and insects to enter your home, often looking for a warm place to build a nest or find food. Whether the breakage resulted from storm damage or some other problem, leaving these splits and holes is like hanging out a vacancy sign and inviting unwanted guests inside your home.

Replace broken vinyl siding with new panels and trim to cover holes and bring your insulation back up to the ideal level. This provides potential buyers with more confidence in the living conditions.

Upgrading or replacing the vinyl siding on older homes also presents an opportunity to beef up the insulation underneath. Research the existing standards for new home construction and consider upgrading your older home to meet those standards. This project makes your property more competitive with newer homes on the market and enhances the energy efficiency of the interior living space.


Modern vinyl siding comes in a broad range of colors and profiles. Improve the look of your home by choosing an appealing style of siding and add upgrades with quality trim and accessories.

Real estate professionals agree that new siding and new windows are two important factors for a quick sale at full value. Personal tastes and lifestyles often dictate the interior decorating and layout, whereas exterior finishes tend to be more neutral. Opt for an attractive style of siding that fits in with the homes in your neighborhood and you’ll draw more potential buyers.

Vinyl siding can also be used in combination with other types of exterior finishes, like stucco, brick and natural stone. It costs less and does not detract from the overall appearance. Consider replacing the siding portions to give your property a fresh, modern look, and think about adding architectural features like vinyl trim and shutters to dress up an otherwise plain house.

Vinyl siding is an affordable way to finish the exterior of your house. It enhances the appearance of your home and provides the opportunity to upgrade insulation and protect the home’s interior from pest damage. Older homes can compete against new builds with a relatively small investment by the original owner, attracting a higher resale price and often resulting in a quicker sale.

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