TPO Roofing: Green Innovation for Modern Roofs

A worker using a roller to apply black sealant on a flat roof, wearing auto draft gloves and kneeling on the surface.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans are eager to embrace a greener life, and when you think about it, it’s easy to see why. The same climate-friendly choices that help you contribute to an environmentally-conscious world often save you money while making you more comfortable.

Did you know that the roofing materials you select for your home or commercial building can make a huge difference in all of those areas? If the clock is ticking on your aging roof and you’re starting to explore your options, keeping the environment in mind makes sense. Plus, your wallet may thank you, too.

TPO roofing isn’t new, but it’s sharply risen in popularity in recent years. Anyone with a flat or low-sloped roof benefits from considering this roofing material, and this guide explains why.

What Does TPO Stand For? What Is TPO Roofing?

Wondering what makes TPO roofing stand out? Let’s start with the basic facts:

  • The commercial roofing world is filled with three-letter acronyms, but there’s no need to Google “TPO meaning.” TPO stands for “thermoplastic olefin.” “Thermoplastic” means the roofing material is pliable while heated, but solid while hot, and olefin is a sturdy, weather-resistant synthetic material.
  • TPO is one of many single-ply membrane roofing materials on the market today. In the hands of experienced professionals, it’s easy to install and extremely durable.
  • This special thermoplastic roofing membrane is usually installed on low-sloped or flat commercial roofs. However, it is possible to install TPO roofing on irregularly shaped or pitched roofs, and TPO is very suitable for residential homes with flat modern roofs, too.

The first TPO roof was installed in 1987, and since that time, it’s only become more popular. That’s because TPO roofs are relatively affordable, amazingly sturdy, and supremely weather resistant — but the benefits don’t end there!

A Look at the Environmental Benefits of TPO Roofing

Are you hoping to take your modern home or commercial building into the future with a greener roofing choice? TPO offers four compelling advantages. Let’s take a closer look!

The TPO Membrane Is Energy Efficient

TPO roofing material actually comes in a range of colors (including terracotta, light gray, purple, and moss green) these days, but white TPO membranes remain the most popular choice. These roofs are highly reflective, contributing to an energy-efficient, cool building with lower HVAC costs. As we all know, reduced energy use doesn’t just mean lower expenses, but also a greener home or business.

TPO Roofing Is Fully Recyclable

TPO is a kind of synthetic rubber. When your TPO roof finally needs replacing after 15, 25, or more years, all its components can be recycled and turned into new TPO roofs. Contrast this with roofing options like BUR, modified bitumen, or asphalt shingles, which often wind up in landfills, and it’s easy to see why TPO roofing is a green innovation.

TPO Roofs Are Durable

Your TPO roof’s lifespan depends on a multitude of factors, including the maintenance you put into it, the local climate, and weather conditions — but some of the earliest TPO roofs to ever have been installed are still going strong. Most well-maintained TPO roofs last between 15 and 25 years, but many outlive their expected lifespan. Durable roofs aren’t just good for your pocket, but also for the environment.

What Other Advantages Do TPO Roofs Have?

Besides environmental benefits, TPO roofs have several other important benefits. A TPO roofing installation is quick and easy in experienced hands, for example (although, if you Google how to install TPO roofing, you might discover that the process is a little tricky for beginners!). TPO roofs are versatile and suitable for large-scale commercial buildings, and they’re supremely weather-resistant. What’s more, TPO roofing is visually clean and beautiful.

Have Questions About TPO Roofing?

So, you’re looking into green roofing options for your Illinois commercial building or modern home? The Revived Exteriors team would be happy to answer any questions you may have — and to offer you a free consultation when you’re ready.

As a leading roofing company in Chicago, IL, we’re proud to be part of the green roofing revolution. If TPO roofing is the right choice for your building, our skilled roofers are on hand to install your new roof with care and efficiency.

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