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Villa Park Illinois is a suburb of Chicago and home to several public libraries. The two main public libraries here are the Village Library and the Arlington library. Other notable libraries in Illinois are the Lincolnshire Public Library and the El Norris library. Both of these libraries are members of the National Association of the Home library. The other public libraries in Villa Park are the Glendale Public Library and the Riverwoods Library. All of these libraries are open to the public on certain days of the week except for the Arlington library which is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday only.

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The Arlington Library has two branches including the Friends of the Arlington Library and the Friends of the Village Library. Both of these libraries are supported by the state of Illinois. The central part of the library contains the reading librarians who are quite active in maintaining the records and browsing the collections of the library. The second part of the library is the reading room, which is open to the public on weekends.

Some of the other public services provided by the Villa Park Illinois Library are music classes, legal publications, computer science courses, and foreign language courses. They also offer many adult education programs in the workshops of the Science Learning Center. This is a great asset to the working parents as they can take their children for educational activities while still being at work. There are two satellite reading centers located in the community which is operated by the public school system. All the libraries in Villa Park are fully equipped with computers, telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, and copiers.

The Arlington Library branch has four large reading rooms including the Reading Room, Southwestern Reading Room, Westport Reading Room, and the relocated Main Room. It has two smaller reading rooms inrium which are known as the Reading Lounge and the Galleria. Both of these libraries are two hundred and fifty-eight thousand square feet of space which have sixteen hundred and sixty-two bookstores that stock a full range of books, reference books, fiction, reference books, reference magazines, and professional journals. There is also an audio-video department for those who would prefer to order videos or movies from the intercom.

The North York Central Library is also located in this village. It is one hundred and sixty-three thousand square feet of space that houses six hundred and ninety-two bookstores that stock a full range of new and used books, reference materials, magazines, and media books. There are also two recording studios and one indoor game center for all sports enthusiasts. Another feature of this facility is the youth and community service. The libraries are equipped with over one hundred computers that have one hundred twenty-three hard drives each, one hundred and twenty-three DVD ROM drives, and one hundred and sixty-three soundboards that are able to play different formats of music.

The libraries in Villa Park IL are open seven days a week. They are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Holidays are also welcome. For more information on the libraries in Villa Park IL, one can browse their website at Il Village Park.

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