History of Villa Park IL


The beautiful village of Villa Park in southern Illinois is located on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. In 1860, it was created out of nothing more than an idea, a few people, and a shed. Over the years, Villa Park has blossomed into a quaint oasis of fashionable homes and upscale retail shops. Its proximity to the downtown area means that it can be accessed easily by car or bike. It is conveniently situated near the heart of all that is Chicago.

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Villa Park was named after a wealthy family that once owned this area. John H. Garfield became the first mayor of this village and is believed to be the father of the “Garfieldze” name that was later used for the street that bears his name. The village was designed around a lake, which was then navigated by a causeway and a bridge. Water from the nearby lake was used to help keep the village dry during the winter. The result of all that water in the surrounding environment was a lush green landscape with beautiful gardens and parkland. Life in the early years of Villa Park was quite leisurely because there was not much need for an active social life.

When the railroad arrived, it provided an influx of workers to the village. It brought a significant amount of wholesale and retail purchases, which made the local economy boom. The wholesale market was the draw to the area because it offered lower prices than the surrounding stores. With this prosperity came crime, but the police were able to contain most of it. Many of the buildings were destroyed in fires that resulted from industry run-off. After the Second World War, the village again became a tourist attraction and a center of regional commerce.

The village still stands today, as it is a favorite hideout for writers, photographers, and those who simply want to relax and unwind. There are charming historic buildings and many of the homes date back several years. A trip through the park is a wonderful way to discover some history of the rich history of Villa Park, IL.

Those who would like to learn more about the village can consult some of the online resources. The Villa Park Visitor’s Bureau offers maps and brochures about the village, history, and attractions. This is one place that is well worth taking a trip to. Others who would enjoy learning about history include children, teens, and others. Who knows, maybe some of them will get a little stage fright and decide to stage their own reality show.

Traveling to Villa Park IL is certainly an exciting and educational adventure. Anyone who visits Illinois will definitely want to return. It is a place where one can experience history and enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape and idyllic towns. It is also a wonderful site for a family vacation and a romantic getaway. Villa Park has some of the most scenic views in all of Illinois. Anyone will be drawn to this beautiful little village as it offers so much for visitors of all ages.


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