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The Arlington Heights community is rich in history and tradition with many attractions that make Arlington Heights the ideal place to visit for a holiday or vacation. Many visitors are amazed by the quality of the local attractions, the welcoming community and the comfortable amenities that are available. Arlington Heights is a quaint place with some wonderful attractions and wonderful shops and restaurants.

The largest attractions draw visitors to Arlington Heights, including the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Gardens, Arlington National Military Park, Arlington National War Memorial and several major historical sites including Fort Hood and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Arlington Heights Loop Road is a popular location for travelers wishing to park their cars and enjoy the area attractions without being bound by traffic. Travelers can ride bikes, walk dogs or take public transportation to see the sights. The community also has numerous dining options, shops, and small boutiques for unique clothing or souvenirs. There are also a couple of small movie theaters in the area.

The first thing that visitors to Arlington Heights look for is the weather. The warm and humid summers make this area a popular destination for tourists looking to escape the cold winter climates of the north. The winters are much milder with temperatures dipping into the single digits at night. The communities surrounding Arlington Heights are made up of suburbs where homes and businesses are closer together and have access to local shopping centers and public transportation. This provides easy access to all the various attractions in the area and makes it easier for tourists to find the things they need.


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