About Arlington Heights, Illinois

Arlington Heights is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. It is a municipality in Cook County and lies about 25 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. It is incorporated as a village and is home to over 75 249 residents. There are many good reasons why Arlington Heights is a great place to live, consequently making it the most populated “village” in the United States.

Beginnings of Arlington Heights IL

Arlington Heights was settled in 1836 as Dunton and adopted its current name in 1874. Thanks to the completion of the rail connection with Chicago in 1854, this community grew rapidly. 

Back in the days when Arlington Heights was established, the village’s economy mostly depended on agriculture. Today, this village is a developed residential suburb and thrives on industries such as telecommunications.

The City Today

In Arlington Heights, IL one will find excellent schools, a great downtown area, and easy access to Metra, the commuter rail system. The downtown area of Arlington Heights also consists of plenty of shops and different restaurants.  

Here, visitors can expect a well-established community within a small town that has big-city amenities. The neighborhoods are friendly and the cultural, educational, entertainment, and recreational opportunities are abundant. 

As for historical attractions, Arlington Heights has a beautiful historic residential area, with popular neighborhoods that include Scarsdale, Westgate, and Stonegate.

Main Attractions

In 1927, the Arlington Park horse racing track opened west of the village. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a fire in 1985, but it reopened in 1989. This track still operates today and is considered one of the most beautiful horse racing parks in America. Spectators can attend several races here, including a major one known as the Breeders Cup. It’s a great attraction area for the whole family because there is also a picnic area and a petting zoo for kids.

The residents can also enjoy the Arlington Heights Park District, which offers many programs for adults and children. For example, there is a comprehensive preschool program, an outdoor Olympic swim center, and an ice rink. At Arlington Park, residents can enjoy several activities, including boat rentals.

With over 200 eateries, visitors and residents in Arlington Heights have loads of dining options. From sushi and pizza to Mexican and Italian, anything you crave can be found here. Areas like Scarsdale and Stonegate have plenty of high-end restaurants and are just a walking distance away from downtown.

For the golf enthusiasts, Arlington Heights Park District also covers plenty of award-winning golf courses. Golf courses in the area include Nickol Knoll and Arlington Lake Golf Club.

Housing Options

Anyone who is considering buying a property in Arlington Heights, IL, can choose from a wide variety of living options. From luxury and Victorian homes to traditional single-family homes, condos, and more. 

It is the perfect place for both young families and single professionals as it is conveniently located near a downtown area and has immediate access to Chicago. There is also a fair number of retired folks who enjoy the active community of Arlington Heights.

Final Thought

Arlington Heights is a beautiful city to live in as it has a friendly community and plenty of amenities. The economy is stable, and the village of Arlington Heights offers a wide range of employment options nearby.