Public Libraries in Naperville IL


The Naperville Illinois Library is the sixth-largest public library system in the United States. Founded in the year 1889, it is one of the oldest public libraries in the western part of Illinois. The primary focus of the library is to serve its community through access to information, training, and resources. It provides a wide variety of services including free access to computers, printers, and other electronic devices as well as computer software and publications of reference materials. It also provides accessories, copies, and safe copies of newspapers, magazines, handbooks, audio, and video materials, Internet access, and home movies.

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In addition to its many roles and offerings, the Naperville Library system works to preserve the rich history of the community. It has an extensive collection of periodicals focusing on the area’s culture, society, and economy. It also maintains a large archive of rare and antique books, periodicals, and other reference materials. It also publishes several local and national periodicals. The two main reference collections are the Friends of the Naperville Library and the Libraries in the Upper Midwest.

The City of Naperville is served by six public libraries. The newest addition is the Behavioral Health Sciences Library, which includes a full-service outpatient facility for treating addictions, focusing on the treatment of psychiatric illnesses. The other libraries offer specialized services to the community, including the William D. Ford Public Library, which serves a variety of functions. These include providing access to the City of Naperville’s recreational and cultural programs and events, hosting the Naperville civil ceremony and a countywide outdoor summer festival.

There are several reference centers within the City of Naperville. The Woodfield City Library has an onsite library that features twenty-one computers, a fine selection of books, a large collection of reference and non-reference materials, and a one-year pass to the city’s fine museums. The City of Naperville’s North Central Library has a branch on Kankakee Street that houses two large reading rooms, a four-seat cafeteria, and several public computer stations. The other branches are located in the downtown area and the University of Illinois campus.

A few years ago, when the City of Naperville put together a task force to determine what types of services we could offer our residents, we were asked to focus on two major issues: building a library that was user-friendly and making sure that our existing libraries had the resources to continue to serve the community. We chose to develop a plan that would meet those goals and did so by adding libraries on three major streets. Naperville’s downtown library is located on North Avenue, while the southern end of the storefront at East Street brings you to the Historic Riverfront District. Our downtown library will have two locations, both of which will have meeting spaces, a central conference room, and an emergency information call center. In addition, we will continue to enhance our senior centers, offering programming that includes reading, computer training, foreign language classes, and more.

Naperville is fortunate to have two very large public libraries that serve an entire metropolitan area. It is unfortunate that there are not more libraries like these throughout the state. The added services and recreational tools they provide make having a library a great investment for all ages. As we work to improve our communities and develop better public services, libraries in Illinois are working hard to provide all the services and resources that make their existence valuable and necessary.

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