Bars In Buffalo Grove IL Area


If you are looking for bars in Buffalo Grove, IL you have many choices. It is a very vibrant city with lots of bars and clubs available. There is something in Buffalo Grove for everyone. Whether you like music, sports, or just have a friendly nightlife, there is a place for you at the bars in Buffalo Grove. Music is always available and the quality is top-notch at these great bars.

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Clubena is one of the oldest bars in Buffalo Grove. This bar offers a fantastic pool and dartboard sports. The pool table is always on and darts can be bought for parties. There are several different rooms to choose from and the prices are reasonable. Clubena is located off of North Avenue between Front and South Avenues in Buffalo Grove.

The Blue Moon is another great bar. They offer various types of live music and they host some great parties. Some of the most popular shows happen at The Blue Moon. You can see them every Tuesday at 10 p.m. They play music from different genres including blues, funk, and pop.

A popular bar in Buffalo Grove is called The Roxy. This bar is a historic venue and has hosted many famous musicians. Many of the acts that have played at The Roxy have become household names. This bar is located between North and South avenues. It offers heavy dance music and has lots of interesting decorations.

K Mart is a great place to go if you want to get down to some great bars in Buffalo Grove. This bar is a little different than most bars and nightclubs. You will find some electronic music with karaoke and other fun activities.

There are also two music venues in Buffalo Grove. Bars with musical instruments are The Roxy and The Blue Moon. These bars play music from various genres including blues, rock, funk and pop. You can enjoy a cocktail with your favorite drink at either of these great bars. They are close to North and South avenues and are within walking distance to all the other bars in Buffalo Grove.

If you prefer drinking and dancing to live music, The Roxy is the place to go. The club has stage shows with famous rock bands. It is also known for having a number of DJ’s and live music. You can enjoy great drinks at this bar with live music and dancing. You should arrive early to avoid the rush, as this club gets packed sometimes.

There are many other bars in Buffalo Grove that offer a variety of music. Club Xplosive is a place to frequent with great parties and dancing. You can enjoy the nightlife that this club holds. This bar is on North Avenue and is just a block from the bars listed above. It is a place to go if you are looking for a new and different type of club to enjoy.

If you are in the mood for something quieter, you should check out The Blue Moon. The bar is on East Avenue and offers some of the best pool tables and barbeque grills in the area. The atmosphere of The Blue Moon is very relaxed and fun. Many of the clubs in Buffalo Grove are popular for their unique drinks and live music. The bars in Buffalo Grove also offer some of the best deals in town.

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