A brief history of Elgin IL


If you’re looking for the birthplace of Illinois’ first millionaire, Elgin IL might be your best place to start your search. The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln is also located in Elgin. The village of Elgin is a small but quaint little town, just south of the Illinois Tollway. Traveling north from the south side of the Illinois Tollway takes you to the village of Elgin. In addition to being home to Lincoln’s grave, it is also the site of the annual “Lincoln Lirston Annual Memorial Ride”.

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The first known resident of Elgin was a white-water raft. He or she would have been attracted to the area because of its abundance of fresh water and river rocks. Two years later, William Taylor came to the area. He opened a general store in what is now called Stone City. As the region grew, hotels, stores, and resorts sprung up in all parts of the area.

Today, the village of Elgin is an ethnic American tourist attraction. There are many events and festivals that take place yearly. You can visit for the day or stay for a weekend and enjoy all that there is to do in the area.

In addition to its tourism aspect, the area is a wonderful place to live. The weather is moderate; warm during the spring and cool in the winter. Many of the houses are built of wood, brick, stone, and clay. There are many historical homes to choose from, or you can buy a resale house. The neighborhoods of Alton, Crystal Lake, and Elgin are perfect for anyone who enjoys living in a historic setting. The historical architecture of the homes throughout the village provides an interesting look into early America.

One of the most interesting aspects of living in Elgin is that there is so much history. There are so many things to do in this small village. Walking along Main Street is like taking a tour of some of the greatest events that took place in America. You can see the original courthouse, fort, jailhouse, mission, jail, doctor’s house, and many others. Even the grounds of the village have great attractions.

The history of Elgin is not the only thing that interests tourists. There are so many activities in the area. Golfing and horseback riding can be enjoyed by the entire family. Hiking is another popular pastime that takes place daily. If you want to get out into the woods, hunting is a great sport to enjoy. Fine wine is served at each of the fine dining establishments in Elgin.

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